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Membership Plans


Boost your well-being from anywhere, on your schedule, when you’re ready to begin.

When you subscribe to an annual plan, you get access to on-demand classes and resources designed to keep you healthy and resilient. Offerings include virtual health coaching, stress reduction classes, chronic disease management, and more!

Our memberships are designed to enhance the community's well-being and offer convenience and incredible savings compared to the costs of stand-alone programs. Both self-paced membership plans tap into a variety of wellness classes from our certified health experts. We'll help you gradually create healthier habits, change your lifestyle, boost your well-being, and achieve your personal wellness goals.

We are continuously adding new programs for our members to enjoy.

Power Up


Sign up for our complimentary membership and get access to on-demand healthy living topics to eat, move, relax and manage well. This membership also includes personal health coach support to better manage hypertension or heart failure, and entry to health screenings that typically include individual costs. Learn what programs are included below.


Prime Time Health


Access everything offered in the Power Up plan PLUS unlock interactive multi-session programs that individually would cost over $700. These programs are designed to help you achieve optimal health through behavior modification programs, nutrition classes, screenings and more.


Power Up Programs

  • Morning Calm
    Start a new routine with a 30 minute “pause” and try new ways to meditate.
  • Zzzz… Get Some Sleep
    Learn how to improve your sleep schedule and get quality sleep.

  • Let it Go
    Join a mindful approach to reducing stress. (2 sessions)

  • Guided Meditations
    Relaxing videos for peaceful sleep, stress relief and more.
  • Finding Your Balance
    Learn the key to remaining upright as you age.

  • Get Fit, Don’t Sit
    Squeeze more activity into your day with easy exercises to perform anywhere.

  • Food Facts vs. Fiction
    Get the real scoop on nutrition from a registered dietitian.

  • Stronger Bones, Stronger You
    Discover the role of diet in optimizing bone health.

  • The Low Down on Down There
    Take the first step toward controlling pelvic pain, prolapse and incontinence. (7 sessions)

  • Hypertension Management
    Understand the basics of hypertension and how to regain control of the condition.

  • Managing Congestive Heart Failure
    Learn how to manage the symptoms and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

  • Blood Pressure and Glucose Screening
    Available once per membership year by appointment.


Prime Time Health Programs

  • Everything in Power Up PLUS...

  • Positively Plants
    Explore the many health benefits of a more plant-based, whole-food eating plan. (9 sessions)

  • Tai Chi
    Perform flowing moves with deep breathing to improve balance, posture, flexibility and relieve stress. (10 sessions)

  • Safe Yoga for Healthy Joints and Posture
    Enjoy seated and supported standing yoga focused on breath and gentle stretching. (4 sessions)

  • Steady and Safe at Home
    Explore how to stay safe and steady when it comes to your balance, mobility and preventing falls. (4 sessions)

  • Healthy Aging Wellness Program
    Discover the tools to live life well no matter what your age. (8 sessions)

  • Master Your Memory
    Boost your cognitive function with memory strategies. (8 sessions)

  • A Time to Quit: Smoking Cessation
    Give yourself the gift of life. Quit smoking with this proven, evidence-based program. (6 sessions)

  • Weigh of Life
    This proven weight loss program will give you the tools to get the weight off and keep it off. (20 sessions)

  • Metabolic Analysis
    Discover your true, daily caloric burn.

  • Bone Density Screening
    A non-invasive heel test that will identify low bone density (osteopenia) or osteoporosis.

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine
    Available once a year in the fall. 

As You Go Options

Select programs from Prime Time Health are available for individual sign up.
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