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Power Up Plan

Get a jump on your health goals. This free membership introduces you to healthy living fundamentals and equips you with the tools essential to your wellness, like diet, activity, self-care, and more. There are even health coaching programs designed to help you manage hypertension or heart failure.

Prime Time Health Plan

Tap into actionable ways you can live your longest, healthiest life possible. We take an in-depth look at nutrition, disease prevention and healthy aging through diet, exercise, weight loss and more. You’ll get access to fun and interactive multi-session programs to preserve optimal health.

As You Go Programs

These sign-up-as-you-go class options give you access to your select program for one year, like our evidence-based smoking cessation and weight loss programs. Check back often for new programs added throughout the year to support all of your health needs. 

With Any Plan or Program, Members Get Access to:

Self-Paced Learning

Choose when and where you want to view a lesson. Your commitment is based on your schedule.

Wellness Resources

Our experts share bite-sized lessons through video and downloadable resources right to your device.

Unlimited Access

Watch the same video lesson as many times as you want. There is no limit to your views.

Goal Tracking

Keep track of your progress with course assessments and completions. 

Join Our Women's Health Series

Enjoy the benefits of less—less stress, less clutter and more of the good stuff like connecting with yourself, others and the outdoors.

Stress Less, Connect More will teach you how to channel your energies into empowering actions and positive mind-body techniques to bring more calm and sanity into your life.


Get Information and Inspiration When and Where You're Ready

Receive health tools and coaching on timely health topics, essential health screenings, lifestyle change programs, stress relief techniques and so much more. Your on-demand coaching sessions are ready and waiting for you. Launch them online, on any device, and at your desired pace.

Screenings to Support Your Wellness Efforts

Once a year, in-person blood pressure screenings and blood glucose screenings are available for all who join either Power Up or Prime Time Health. Also, Prime Time Health members will receive an annual metabolic screening, bone density screening, and a seasonal flu vaccine. Our screenings identify issues before symptoms are present and can guide your health decisions.

FREE Power Up Membership

Get started on your health and well-being by signing up for our complimentary Power Up membership now. This one-time registration allows free unlimited access to Power Up wellness classes for one year!


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